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HeartSpace-Phenomenobilia Chippendale
16 September - 11 October 2015

Opening 6pm Wednesday 16th September

A MOP Projects Exhibition
Hosted By Gallerie Pompom
2/39 Abercrombie Street,
Chippendale NSW 2008

Christine Simpson, Cade Turner, Mike Norris and Gabriella Bonello, curated by Christine Simpson

A MOP Projects exhibtion hosted by Gallerie Pompom

Opening 6pm Wednesday 16th September

Christine Simpson, Cade Turner, Mike Norris and Gabriella Bonello combine sculpture, installation, photography, sound and performance to develop a new work which explores and plays with the unseen energy of everyday Chippendale. These light fields and sonicscapes intermingle with glass planed and strung structures to create an elusive phenomenal experience within the gallery space.

Christine Simpson: Following on from two decades of artmaking, curating, educating, and completion of postgraduate studies at Sydney’s SCA; majoring in Sculpture, Performance and Installation, Simpson has arrived at a practice that has become a facilitation of energy’s processes. Via waves of light, colour, sound and unseen energy, and the subsequent direction of these elements, Simpson’s artwork manifests as dynamic permeations to impress the sensory and phenomenological experiences of lived existence.

Most Recent Work: The Murmurings of White Trash, Sonic installation, The Coal Loader, North Sydney 2015

Cade Turner: Via the camera’s lens, Turner visualizes symphonies of light and colour spawned from a gravitational pull to art history’s Romantic period: the essence of light gleaned from self-developed, manual and unconventional techniques. Presently, Turner’s intuitive and perceptual responses to his art-making have entered a new phase: the intermeshing of sound composition and light image making in collaboration to create experimental audio/visual arrangements. Turner graduated with a Bachelor of Media from Sydney’s Macquarie University majoring in Visual Production.

Most Recent work: Metaphysical 1, audio/visual installation in collaboration with Christine Simpson, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania, 2015

Mike Norris: Norris is an experimental sound artist with exceptionally broad experience in sound creation and perception with a particular focus on sound textures. He has a deep understanding of sound and hearing through his academic work, and applies this in his sound arts practice. Michael moved to Canberra in 2008 to develop speech recognition software for Stelarc’s Thinking Head project, following his position as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience in Plymouth, UK, where he investigated how sound textures are represented in the human brain.

Most Recent Work: “Where Do We Stand?” – interactive sound installation research & development in collaboration with Blaide Lallemand, funded by ArtsACT, installed at Art Not Apart 2014, New Acton ACT and CraftACT Craft & Design Centre Jul-Aug 2014.

Gabriella Bonello: Wearing a diverse array of hats, Bonello is at once a songwriter and performer, self taught with training in Jazz, Vocals & Performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music; a qualified Mind Body Medicine Practitioner and Kinesiologist, graduating from The College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney; and a seeker of ancient wisdom knowledge. Bonello contends this ancient wisdom presents significant parallels to the neuroscience of mind/ body interconnection and to personal and societal health. At present Gabriella is experimenting with the abstraction of her vocal range and the ancient acknowledgement of energy to collaborate with visual artists to produce new soundscapes and performance art that honours the earth and humanity’s interconnection to it.

Present soundscape collaboration: Singing Light on Water with Christine Simpson, The Beams Festival, Sydney, 2015

There will be two performances for this show, first at Galerie pompom on opening night 16th September at 7 pm, and also on the Beams festival night again at Galerie pompom at 7 pm on the 19th of September