cadeturnerlejardinderenoir2009-1 cadeturnerlejardinderenoir2009-1
cadeturnersilverscape2009-1 cadeturnersilverscape2009-1
cadeturnercanolasea2011-2 cadeturnercanolasea2011-2
cadeturnerlagoonimpression2009-1 cadeturnerlagoonimpression2009-1
cadeturnercherryblossom2009-1 cadeturnercherryblossom2009-1
cadeturnerlittleoxfordstreet2009-1 cadeturnerlittleoxfordstreet2009-1
cadeturnerpinkshades2009-2 cadeturnerpinkshades2009-2
cadeturnerpinkbutterflies2009-2 cadeturnerpinkbutterflies2009-2
cadeturnerhoneyhive2009-1 cadeturnerhoneyhive2009-1
Light + Colour + Movement
1 - 31 December 2010

Painter’s Gallery
1773 Pittwater Road
Mona Vale NSW Australia

Painter’s Gallery is proud to present Light + Colour + Movement, an exciting solo exhibition showcasing a series of unique Impressionist and abstract photographic works by emerging Sydney photographer, Cade Turner. Cade explores the mystery contained within the raw elements of a scene – it’s light, colour and movement, using the camera as an ‘Impressionist’s paintbrush’ to paint his works with light.